Factors To Consider When Choosing A Pediatric Surgeon

Posted on: 17 June 2021

Knowing that your child needs to have surgery can place quite a burden on your heart and mind. However, knowing that your child is in the hands of a great surgeon that you trust can make things a bit easier. But how do you select the right pediatric surgeon? Here are a few factors to consider.

How does the pediatric surgeon interact with your child?

Of course you want to select a surgeon who answers your questions and makes you feel comfortable. But when visiting and interviewing various surgeons, you should also pay attention to how they interact with your child. Most pediatric surgeons are skilled at interacting with kids and helping them feel comfortable as this is part of their job. However, people have many different personalities. One surgeon may be wonderful, but their personality may not jive with that of your child. Another surgeon may naturally be someone your child feels at ease around.

Who is on the pediatric surgeon's team?

Pediatric surgeons do not work alone! They work with a team of nurses, anesthesiologists, and other specialists. You may not be able to arrange to meet every member of the surgeon's team. However, you can and should at least review their specialties and resumes. Someone might stand out to you as a great addition to the team treating your child. For instance, if your child needs surgery to remove a growth, and one of the nurses on the surgeon's team has worked in oncology, that can be an asset.

How far away is the surgeon's practice?

Traveling for surgery is a much bigger deal for a child. If you have to drive to the surgeon's city the day before, or even two days before, the appointment, this will put additional stress on your child. They may not be as comfortable in a hotel as they are at home. This does not mean it is never worth traveling to see a certain pediatric surgeon. But it does mean you should reconsider traveling if there is a surgeon who you're comfortable with closer to home. Your child will get a better night's sleep and be more comfortable in their own home.

If you have a few different pediatric surgeons to choose from, that's a good thing! Take your time to review what each pediatric surgeon has to offer, how they interact with your child, their team members, and their location. Contact a pediatric surgeon in your area to learn more.