Why You Should Have Workplace Drug Testing

Posted on: 22 September 2020

Workplace drug testing should take place no matter what type of workplace it is. Drugs in one's system can cause a number of issues not only in the workplace itself but also on the road when this person drives into work or leaves work with drugs in their system. If you don't already drug test your employees, it's a good idea to start doing so. Read on for other reasons why this is so important.

To Prevent Workplace Injuries

Prevent workplace injuries by having your employees drug tested. If you have someone in your employ that is working on heavy machinery, and this person has drugs in their system, they could potentially harm themselves or someone else around them. Even if the person sits in the office, if they aren't in their right minds, they could do something that could harm others around them. Workplace injuries can cost you, the employer, in lawsuits and in damages that may occur while someone is on drugs as well.

To Weed Out Bad Employees

Having your employees drug tested will help to weed out bad employees. If you have employees that are using drugs, what else might they be doing? Sure, some people just make terrible decisions, but are these the type of people you want in your employ? Employees that are using drugs may also be the same type of employees that are caught stealing, sleeping on the job, or causing other workplace issues. 

To Prevent Workplace Damage

If someone is using heavy equipment and uses this equipment while on drugs, they could cause damage to the equipment. Think about how much money the equipment being used costs and how much money it would be to replace the piece of equipment. Also consider if this person did damage to a building or other structure, not only will the equipment need replacing, but a structure will also need to be replaced. All of this can add up.

To Keep Insurance Costs Down

If you have your employees drug tested, it can be lower worker's compensation insurance costs and other insurance liability costs as well. Have your employees tested for drugs and alcohol on a random basis to help keep these costs down.

If you don't do workplace drug testing, you should start to do so now. It doesn't matter what type of workplace you have — it's something you should still do. Test your employees at least once per year on a random basis or if you suspect someone has a drug or alcohol problem.