Finding The Right Pediatrician For Your Children

Posted on: 13 May 2018

When it comes to your kids, you want the best for them, and that includes the best doctor that you can find, right? Finding a good pediatrician for your kids is not just a matter of opening the phone book and picking one. There are things to consider and determine what is important to you is priority number one.

What Do You Want In A Pediatrician?

Taking some time to decide what you are looking for in a doctor for your children is important. They have to have to specialize in pediatrics obviously but being good with kids takes a lot more than just having the knowledge to deal with their medical problems. Taking the time to sit down and consider what you want to see in the pediatrician for your children is a good first step. Number one on the list for most people, beyond the training and skill, is that they are good with kids, If the child does not feel safe or comfortable with the doctor, ever trip to the peds will be a struggle.

Finding The Right Doctor

 Ask your friends with children and see if they can recommend someone for your children. If they have a doctor that they use, and the kids love, it can be a good place to start. Taking the kids in for a well check is a good way to meet the doctor and see how the kids interact with the doctor. The interaction between the children and the pediatrician will tell the tale so sit back and see how they do. It is okay to ask your children after the appointment how they feel about the doctor and the visit in general. Kids are typically brutally honest so ask the questions and see what they have to say.

How Long Do The Kids Need A Pediatrician?

This is an interesting question that seems to be debated in some circles, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children see a pediatrician until they are 21 years old. Other people and groups say 16 years old is a good cut off. Talk to the doctor and see how old he or she feel the child should be before moving to a family care or primary care doctor that sees adults. The doctor may agree with the 21-year-old age suggestion, or they may suggest you consider moving them to an adult doctor earlier. The choice is really dependant on the doctor, the child, and your feelings on the subject.