Treatment Options To Help You With Your Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Posted on: 26 January 2018

When you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, every day can feel like an exhausting struggle. The pain, inflammation, and joint stiffness that you experience can have a hindering effect on your life, keeping you from experiencing and enjoying everyday things. However, you do not have to succumb to the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis without fighting against them. There are many treatment options available to you to help you better deal with your arthritis symptoms. Get to know some of these options so you can be sure you are doing everything you can to deal with your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms going forward. 


One of the newer and more innovative treatment options for rheumatoid arthritis is a treatment known as cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a form of cold therapy that is designed to expose the body to super-cold temperatures in an effort to relieve inflammation, pain, and discomfort, such as that experienced by individuals with rheumatoid arthritis. 

A person will sit or stand in what looks like a tall bathtub. Then, their body will be exposed to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes. The process can immediately provide relief from pain and inflammation and can help stimulate the body's immune system to begin healing itself of issues. 

For those with rheumatoid arthritis, cryotherapy can mean immediate pain and stiffness relief and can also have longer lasting effects over the course of a week or more. While it is not a permanent solution, the temporary relief can be beneficial and treatment can be repeated as needed. 


Another form of treatment that can be highly beneficial to individuals suffering from rheumatoid arthritis is hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is a form of water therapy or treatment. It is performed in pools of warm water and is a type of exercise therapy or physical therapy. 

Specific movements and exercises are performed in hydrotherapy to help loosen the joints and muscles. The temperature of the pool (being warmer than even a standard heated swimming pool) helps to loosen muscles that might be still and sore because of rheumatoid arthritis. Because water helps to support your weight, hydrotherapy also relieves pressure from the joints so that the person's range of motion is much improved. 

Hydrotherapy allows you to get exercise without the high-impact of standard traditional exercise. It is considered to be a form of physical therapy that can help to improve flexibility, mobility, and can relieve pain and discomfort. 

With these treatment options in mind, you can be sure that you are doing everything you can to manage and treat your rheumatoid arthritis.